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Mr. Assaf Wiess

CEO & Founder, Ma'agalim

Ma’agalim’s mission is to provide mentoring programs to youth at-risk in the periphery of Israel ensuring a healthy transition into civilian life.

Mr. Wiess, a visionary in education, believes that our youth is an imperative part of our national treasure, and are crucial partners in developing a thriving & successful Israeli society. He is a social impact architect with a proven record of over 20 years in developing and implementing innovative non-formal educational programs within the formal education system in Israel. Mr Weiss. mentors and advises leading non-profit organizations to create alternative education platforms in which some have won national awards and gained exposure to hundreds of thousands of youth in Israel. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and is married to Shlomit and father to 6 children. Assaf lives in Lod, an underserved community in the center of Israel.